Furniture Industry is the biggest demand of flexible foam's  downstream, holding more than 50% of the total amount of flexible foam market. And in the Furniture Industry, foam mattresses and sofas are the main products of flexible foam, holding more than 80% of the Furniture Indudstry. The flexible foam which is mainly used in Furniture Industry is the massive foam. The application locations of Furniture Industry are mainly concentrated in Yangtze River and Zhu Jiang River Delta, especially the south China of Zhu Jiang River Delta, holding for around half of the shares of national furniture exportation.

Affected by the overall downturn of the furniture industry, the upholstered furniture industry is also faltering. The production of upholstered furniture is extremely rare negative growth in 2012. The Furniture Association statistics shows furniture production in 2012 at 42,150,000, compared with 2011, productiona decrease of 1.7%.

However, seeing from some Furniture exhibitions, the upholostered furniture designs are increasingly user-friendly. We believe with the designs promoting, the furniture industry will be out of the "winter" , usher in "sunny" soon in 2013.

MAXTECH Automation Machinery Co.,Ltd is a high-tech automation company which is specialized in manufacturing polyurethane foam machine, mattress machine and pillow machine in China. Our company has a strong independent research & development and technological innovation capacity! In the previous year, our company has successfully launched a self-developed fully automatic pillow cases making machine to the market. And we gain the customers praise and recognition of our high quality and technical support! Our company will be constantly strengthening the technological innovation,  absorbing our customers valuable advice, and constantly improving the quality of our products and services!

Now let me introduce the most top sell products in the Furniture Industry to you:

1. MAX-RPM Mattress Roll Packing Machine

This mattress roll packing machine is mainly used for roll packing the flexible foam mattresses and soft materials to save shipping and storage cost. It's highly automatic and high efficiency, which can roll pack about 60 sheets one hour. We can make this machine with different exit diameter to adapt to different densities foam or foam mattresses.

2. MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutter(Wire type)

This foam contour cutting machine is the most advanced and fully automatic computerized foam contour cutting machine. It can cut foam into any shape according to the drawings you draw in the computer. It's the necessary equipment for sofas making industry.

3. MAX-A-TEM Auto Tape Edge Machine

This mattress machine is mainly used for sewing mattress panels. The characteristic is: sewing head is fixed which can move up and down to sew different thickness of mattress. And the angle of sewing head can be adjustable. The worktable adopts conveyor to drive the mattress to proceed. The taping of the corner is finished while turning, and it can also auto flip the mattress when top four sides sewing are finished. It’s an ideal equipment for sewing high class mattresses.

Should you have any interest in these machines, just feel free to send us your inquiries. Feel free to contact us at or call us at 0086-750-5602778 / 0086-13380960139 .

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